McCrory staff lies again, attributes Char-O for their own (planted) questions

I wonder how he’ll blame the media for this one:

McCrory’s staff planted questions at a lunch event in SouthPark on Thursday with the crowd under the impression that they were coming from the media or the audience. The moderator, a volunteer from the lunch audience, introduced three questions by saying they were from the Charlotte Observer.

Of course, those weren’t Observer questions. They were softballs from his staff about what he wanted to do with his next term; how he wanted to reduce the state’s rape kit backlog; and how the state crime lab performed under McCrory’s opponent, Roy Cooper.

Okay, there are really two issues here, and each one is damning on its own. First, the practice of “planting” softball questions that are supposed to come from John (or Jane) Q Citizen. It’s not only deceptive, it’s an insult to the organization that hosted the event and every single person who heard/read the exchange. The second issue, that of misrepresenting the press, would normally be just as bad as the first. But considering how the Governor and his staff have been (repeatedly) calling into question the integrity of the media, there is such a pattern of contempt I find it very unlikely this was merely an “accident.” They tried to get a little too clever, and now it’s biting them in the ass.

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