Must-read op-ed on perils of climate change

Waiting to act is a dangerous game:

If our children’s children are going to be able to live meaningful lives upon this planet, we must all study and become alarmed about the changes that we have caused in the atmosphere, the ocean and the earth itself during the past 100 years.

Scientists are supposed to be more factual and less speculative in the things they say. However, there is a time when everyone has a responsibility to raise an alarm. This becomes particularly necessary when the majority of those we elect to write laws and regulations tend to be deniers of facts, ignorant of scientific results and dismissive of even debating and evaluating the potential consequences.

While polls have shown the majority of the populace are worried about climate change, they are not worried enough to make it a top priority. It’s just one of many things they worry about, and not even in the top five for a healthy chunk of them. Ergo, it doesn’t have much of an impact on how they vote. Even Democrats will get all excited about a candidate who has absolutely nothing to say about climate change. It’s not a “fringe” issue that only radical tree-huggers should be worrying about; it’s a mainstream issue that has us marching to a catastrophic future. Not only a humanitarian and ecological catastrophe, an economic one the likes of which we’ve never seen before. And this is the only way we are going to change that:

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