Falling into the HB2 “false equivalency” trap

Starting over from scratch merely promotes discrimination:

Both sides are posturing for the voters instead of doing what’s right for the state. And it’s getting tiresome. The N.C. Restaurant & Lodging Association has tried to broker a deal, and so has the Charlotte Chamber. Even conservative businessman Art Pope, a powerful Republican financier, has gotten into the act, urging the repeal of both the state law and the city ordinance.

Pope is right: It’s time to go back to the starting line and get this thing right. This state should reject discrimination in all of its forms, including on the basis of sexual orientation. But it should find a way to do it that is acceptable to a broad coalition of interests, not just the extremes of the left or right.

Pope is not right, and no amount of wishful thinking on the part of the editorial board can make this idea work. Every effort to get sexual orientation included in state law dealing with discrimination has failed. Heck, the General Assembly even amended the state Constitution to outlaw same-sex marriage. To postulate that we could go back to the starting point and expect Republicans to do something they have flat-out refused to even consider in the past is beyond naive, it’s delusional. And even if the NCGA did squeak something like this out, McCrory would very likely Veto the Legislation anyway, because he has been fighting against this idea since 1992:

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