Misdirected anger in rural NC is Trump’s bread and butter

Ignoring the truth is the way to stay faithful:

“I went to buy a shirt one time and it said ‘Made in Vietnam,’ ” he says. “I thought it looked good, but I threw it on the floor.” But what about the line of Trump clothes – including ties, suits and dress shirts – made in places like China, Bangladesh, Mexico and Vietnam?

“I’ve heard that he’s invested overseas. But he says he’s going to bring all those businesses back,” says Jones. “Now, they can tell you anything. You don’t know if they’ll do it. … But I don’t have much use for Hillary. And you’ve got to trust somebody.”

A lot of people in this town (including the nitwit above) complained about losing textile jobs, but when Trump contributes to that problem, he’s merely “invested overseas.” Frankly, many (most?) of these people support Trump because of his bigotry, but they’re too ashamed to admit that, so they have to create another reason to “want” him. They also have to create conspiracy theories to excuse his behavior:

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