Capitol Broadcasting calls for transparency in vote counts

Keep it clean, and keep it open:

What is important isn’t merely that the votes are counted – but that North Carolina citizens know and feel assured that all votes have been counted accurately and fairly. In that spirit, we call on Gov. McCrory, Attorney General Cooper, the State Board of Elections and the county election offices throughout the state to go the extra mile and provide full and complete transparency in this process.

McCrory, Cooper and the Board of Elections should make any and all communications with local and state officials and agencies, public. The candidates can do this easily by posting them on their campaign websites. The state Board of Elections can do the same.

As I mentioned on another diary, I am genuinely concerned McCrory’s army of lawyers and other diehards are going to try to get as many Dem ballots rejected as they can during this process. That could be one ballot at a time, or the wholesale rejection of large numbers of provisional ballots, such as those from Durham County. And the tone of his recruitment message sounds more like a pre-election call-to-arms than merely a request for neutral observers:

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