Van der Vaart playing his Trump cards with a vengeance

“Hey! Look at me! Look at what I’m doing over here!”

North Carolina Environmental Department Secretary Donald van der Vaart sent a letter Monday to EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy urging an immediate halt to so-called midnight regulations finalized in the waning days of an administration. “EPA should avoid the inevitable court challenges against new environmental rules and allow the president-elect and his designees to consider their impact,” the letter says. “Please do not force states such as North Carolina to once again join coalitions to overturn hastily prepared and adopted rules.”

I would give you more, but apparently Politico has decided to require payment for much of their content, giving you a one paragraph “teaser” with an embedded link to “Politico Pro.” Apparently they have me confused with somebody who a) has money and b) is inclined to spend it on Politico. Anyway, it looks like van der Vaart needs to squeak a lot louder, because the top EPA jobs may already be taken:

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