Larry Hall stepping down as House Minority Leader

And it’s a hard pair of shoes to fill:

“I am not seeking the position at this time,” he said. “That’s kind of the commitment I made when I ran the first time that I would serve only two terms, and I’m trying to uphold that commitment.”

Hall says it’s an unofficial traditional in the House Democratic caucus for the leader to step down after two terms. “It’s good for other folks to have opportunity in leadership, and that’s the reason for that tradition,” he said. “I feel good about the time we had and what we did and the foundation we laid, and I think we’ll continue to be successful.”

He’s been a bright, shining light in an otherwise dim room over the last four years, and has kept progressive ideals alive for others to see and reflect upon. He also just sent a couple of messages yesterday, to his Democratic colleagues and whoever will step forward to take the reigns. Those messages came in the form of two bills, one to extend early voting days, and the other to enact nonpartisan redistricting reform. Both of those would empower voters, as opposed to manipulating them and marginalizing them, like the GOP constantly tries to do. It’s good politics, and it’s good government, and finding and maintaining that balance is the key to regaining control of the General Assembly.

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