Give HB2 a new name before it’s flushed

Susan Ladd has some great ideas:

Whether or not the legislature repeals HB 2, it needs to own the responsibility for this law and the damage it caused. I think we should give it a new name, because the HB 2 designation is used over and over.

How about Potty Pat’s Pugnacious Pile of Putridity? Bigotty Berger’s Bulging Bag of Bile? Misanthropic Moore’s Malodorous Morass of Morality? And we can’t forget our local legislators — state Sen. Trudy Wade and Reps. Jon Hardister, John Blust and John Faircloth, all Republicans — who supported it. It could be Terrible Trudy’s Toxic Travesty. Jon, John and John’s Jaundiced Joke. The possibilities are endless.

I do love taking the English language out for an exercise run…

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