Glimpses of the Kakistocracy: The foreclosure King

Steven Mnuchin has a lot to answer for:

Yang was lucky. The bank eventually dropped its efforts against him. But others were not so fortunate. In recent years, OneWest has foreclosed on at least 50,000 people, often in circumstances that consumer advocates say run counter to federal rules and, as in Yang’s case, common sense.

President-elect Donald Trump’s nomination of Steven Mnuchin as Treasury Secretary has prompted new scrutiny of OneWest’s foreclosure practices. Mnuchin was the lead investor and chairman of the company during the years it ramped up its foreclosure efforts. Representatives from the company and the Trump transition team did not respond to requests for comment.

Not that it would make any difference, but I’d love to find out how many of those 50,000 foreclosed folks voted for Trump, and how they feel about that mistake now. Mnuchin represents the worst type of businessman, one who directly profits from the suffering of others. Calling him a “Robber Baron” is too nice, he’s really just a flim-flam man. Speaking of, here’s Republican Fred Thompson hawking reverse mortgages:

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