Saturday News: GOP challenges 2017 Special Elections


OFFICIALS ASKS US SUPREME COURT TO HALT 2017 ELECTIONS (Raleigh News & Observer) – North Carolina officials asked the U.S. Supreme Court to block elections ordered for 2017 after a federal court found 28 state Senate and House districts were illegal racial gerrymanders. They asked Chief Justice John Roberts, in a request for emergency intervention, to put a halt to the three-judge panel’s order for redrawn districts by March and a special election in 2017. In the petition, They want the chief justice to enter an order by Jan. 11, when the General Assembly is set to convene its next session. “On Election Day, millions of North Carolina voters went to the polls and selected the state legislators who would represent them in the General Assembly for two-year terms in accordance with the North Carolina Constitution. Or so they thought,” Paul Clement, a Washington-based attorney representing McCrory, stated in the petition signed by Thomas Farr, a Raleigh-based attorney who has represented the legislators on redistricting, Phil Strach, another Raleigh-based attorney, and Alec McC. Peters of the state attorney general’s office.

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