US Navy keelhauls Bill Cook’s anti-wind attempt

Exposing his severe lack of knowledge and research:

The U.S. Navy did not contact state lawmakers about shutting down Amazon Wind Farm US East, nor does it have evidence the farm can’t co-exist with its nearby radar facility, a Naval spokeswoman reported Friday.

“The MIT Lincoln Laboratory modeling of this wind farm determined the acceptable number of turbines and acceptable distance from the ROTHR receive site,” she wrote, also noting its modeling was based on the “specific turbine model proposed by the developer.” She continued the Navy agreed in November 2014 to let the developer build 104 turbines, reduced from 150, and then “conduct post-construction testing of the Avangrid wind farm this year to validate the compatibility modeling that was performed by MIT Lincoln Laboratory.”

I was actually waiting for something like this, because Cook tried to pull the same BS with his “military flight path” bill, which would have outlawed wind farms on about 85% of Eastern North Carolina land. In that case, the FAA was (and is) intricately involved in mapping flight paths and the potential for obstruction for each turbine tower. Of course the Navy was already involved, and had taken steps to make sure its operations wouldn’t be disrupted. And Bill Cook just made fools out of everyone who signed that stupid letter.

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