OWASA crisis: Fluoridation mishap or water main break?

Better get your bottled water now, before the rioting and looting in Chapel Hill begins:

Do Not Drink Order: Due to low pressure in the OWASA service area we are not sure if the water is safe for consumption. Until testing has been completed, the Orange County Health Department is issuing a Do Not Drink order. Boiling water is not recommended. Only bottled water is recommended.

Do Not Use Order: Because of the water main break and the subsequent shortage, we are also issuing a Do Not Use order. Bottled water should be used for all water needs including flushing toilets, washing hands, cooking, etc…

Restaurants: All restaurants served by OWASA are being ordered closed by the Orange County Health Director.

I suppose it’s possible somebody tipped the fluoride bottle too heavily (That’s not really how they do it) first, and then the water main decided it was time to break, but that sounds more like a bad made-for-TV movie than real life. So this is not only a “learning experience” about not taking potable water for granted, there’s also a “messaging” lesson to be learned…

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