Extensive primer on various anti-Trump movements

You’re bound to fit in somewhere here:

Movement Match- In November, a group of friends–most of them longtime activists–got together to console one another in aftermath of the election. “We started talking about what keeps us going in the face of hard realities. We realized that what gives us hope and energy to keep going with our work is the fact that we are members of activist groups,” says Talia Cooper, who co-founded the project with Pippi Kessler, Sonia Alexander, and David Mahfouda. “We realized that a lot of people got activated since the election, and some of them say that they’re not sure what to do. So we’re working to direct people who are new to the movement to organizations led by experienced activists and seasoned organizers.”

That group appears to be a good place to start, if you’re not sure where you’d be best utilized. And here’s another good one, if you’re really feeling froggy:

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