NC’s Conservative drama club: Playing the victim while they’re actually the abusers

As usual, Rob Schofield is right on the money:

Meanwhile, the rhetoric remains decidedly angry. Whether it’s in the steady stream of invective-laced official statements and social media posts emanating from the office of Senate leader Phil Berger or the hateful attacks and personal putdowns issued almost daily by conservative think tanks, “news” websites and advocacy groups, the predominant conservative posture is, bizarrely, one of bitter victimhood.

A recent fundraising appeal sent out by the arch-conservative Civitas Institute screeched that the group was a in a desperate pitched battle to combat “the Leftist media,” (sic) “the dishonesty of the leftist press and liberal networks” and “the multi-million dollar NC media industry.”

Leave it to Art Pope’s menagerie to latch onto a fact-deficient Trump meme just to reel in some dollars to help fuel their witless propaganda. And Berger has turned into (or always was) a totally predictable demagogue. He has yet to issue a press release or other formal statement that didn’t also include an accusation or insult directed at the Democratic Party in general or an elected Democrat in particular, a classic form of transference exhibited by someone who knows what they’re doing or have done is wrong. And I’m really glad somebody finally said this:

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