Sunday News: From the Editorial pages


COURTS, AGAIN. REMIND GOP LEGISLATORS OF THEIR PLACE: It is unconstitutional to just willy-nilly cancel elections, a federal court ruled Wednesday, for state Court of Appeals judges and Supreme Court justices. “The defendants have made no showing of any governmental interest,” was how U.S. District Court Judge Catherine Eagles put it. It is the definition of disingenuousness to say, as legislative leaders did, that Eagles was “once again injecting chaos and confusion into North Carolina elections at the eleventh hour.” Or further that her decision was politically motivated because she’d been appointed to her post by a Democratic president. It is the legislature’s obsessive and unceasing efforts at electoral manipulation that’s brought tumult and uncertainty just days before North Carolina candidates are set to file for office in the 2018 elections. North Carolina taxpayers have been forced to waste millions of dollars paying lawyers – including Thomas Farr, whose nomination to a federal District Court judgeship has been embroiled in allegations of racism and voter intimidation – to use the courts to delay and stall. This has been going on since 2012. It is past time to bring it to an end.

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