GOP complaints about Progressive groups prove their effectiveness

If you’re making them mad, you’re doing it right:

The number of grassroots groups popping up and supporting progressive causes and candidates is staggering. They’ve got a slew of names and they probably overlap in activities. The common goal, though, is to elect Democrats in November—or at least ending Republican control of Congress and the state legislature.

Now, the groups are coming under scrutiny because of our complex series of campaign laws, most of which have been supported by progressives to try to regulate money in politics.

FWIW, the sheer irony of Republicans whining, “Who paid for those t-shirts?” while they’re perpetually getting a blood (money) transfusion from shadowy corporate donors is not lost on anybody, except maybe those who’ve had their televisions programmed to only show Fox News. Unfortunately, that blatant hypocrisy won’t help those Progressives file their paperwork properly or shield them when the BoE comes knocking, so if you’re involved with one of these groups, help ’em square that stuff away. And while this is true:

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