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History schmistory: John Grisham gets permission to remove Chapel Hill cottages

Apparently some houses don’t deserve to be painted:

The cottages are located on four separate lots behind the home at 704 E. Franklin St. that Grisham and his wife Renee bought last year. The four lots were purchased earlier this year, county records show. The Grishams want to replace the cottages with landscaping where their property backs up to the Battle Park forest.

The commission approved Grisham’s plan Tuesday after two hours of debate but also voted to delay demolition by 365 days, the maximum time allowed under state law. Grisham, the commission and Preservation Chapel Hill are looking for someone to move the cottages to a new location.

At least one of the “morals” of this story: If a community really wants to preserve historical areas and structures, that community needs to take them off the market. And keep them off the market. That requires not only an investment up front, but the commitment to maintain them. I’ve seen what can happen if you don’t (as I’m sure many of you have). In my town, about half of the “points of interest” in our historic walking tour are places that no longer exist, that have been replaced by newer (commercial mostly) structures. As far as Grisham’s “right” to develop his own property, it should be noted this is not his primary residence:


Thursday News: Absolutely no shame


TRUMP COMPLAINS ABOUT HAVING TO HELP STORM-RAVAGED PUERTO RICO: President Donald Trump is criticizing hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico and says the government can’t keep federal aid there “forever.” Trump criticized the U.S. territory in a series of tweets Thursday. He says there is a “total lack of accountability” and “electric and all infrastructure was disaster before hurricanes.” The president adds: “We cannot keep FEMA, the Military & the First Responders, who have been amazing (under the most difficult circumstances) in P.R. forever!” The House is on track to back Trump’s request for billions more in disaster aid, $16 billion to pay flood insurance claims and emergency funding to help the cash-strapped government of Puerto Rico stay afloat. Hurricane Maria struck Sept. 20. It has killed at least 45 people, and about 85 percent of Puerto Rico residents still lack electricity.


Wilmington resident files potential class-action lawsuit over GenX

Sometimes waiting for official actions is not enough:

Filed in Federal District Court in Wilmington on behalf of city resident Brent Nix, the suit seeks health monitoring for illnesses that may be caused by GenX and similar contaminants released into the Cape Fear River from Chemours’s plant 160 km upriver in Fayetteville, N.C. In addition, it seeks compensation for lost property value on behalf of Nix and as many as 100,000 additional plaintiffs should the court certify the case as a class-action suit.

According to the suit, “defendants have negligently and otherwise acted to cause toxic chemicals to be released from the Fayetteville Works Site, which then traveled to and contaminated and damaged the properties and household water supplies of plaintiff and class members, and exposed them to toxic chemicals.”

Go get ’em, Brent. These corporate polluters have been playing (and mostly winning) the game of profits outpacing the legal costs of bad behavior for way too long, and civil court may be the only way to force them into a “Come to Jesus” moment to change their ways.


Wednesday News: Too close to call?


MCFARLANE LIKELY HEADED TO RUNOFF WITH FRANCIS IN RALEIGH MAYOR’S RACE: Raleigh voters will likely return to the polls next month to elect a mayor. With all precincts reporting, incumbent Mayor Nancy McFarlane leads challenger Charles Francis by about 6,200 votes. But it wasn’t enough to win a majority that is required to avoid the possibility of a runoff Nov. 7. McFarlane won about 48.45 percent of the 52,449 votes cast, while Francis won about 36.67 percent. A third candidate, Paul Fitts, won about 14.76 percent. McFarlane, an unaffiliated candidate who is seeking her fourth two-year term, has won easily in the past, garnering more than 61 percent of the vote in 2011, 72 percent in 2013 and 74 percent in 2015. But this is the first time McFarlane has faced a Democratic challenger. She has been endorsed by the Wake County Democratic Party in previous elections for mayor, but this year the party backed Francis, a registered Democrat.


Simple Tips to Massively Grow Your Facebook Page

Massively Grow Facebook, Simple Tips to Massively Grow Your Facebook Page, Tips to Massively Grow Your Facebook PageDisclaimer: I received a free virtual ticket to the Blog Life University 2017 Conference as a member of the NC Blogger Network in return for sharing my conference notes and key takeaways.

Want to massively grow your Facebook page using proven tips and strategies? Then this blog post is just what you need!

I was really excited to hear Rachel Miller of Moolah Marketer speak to the ways she massively grows the Facebook pages she admins to over a million likes (and helps others do it, too). Her Moolah Marketer course students have had phenomenal success in propelling their businesses forward with the tips she’s given them for their Facebook pages.

Rachel has one of the most energetic, contagious spirits. I don’t know how much coffee she needs, but if I had just a fraction of her energy and I could do some serious damage to my blog’s to-do list. You can join her free Facebook group, Facebook Page Massive Growth Strategies, where she shares many of her tips. You’ll be inspired by the big and small wins that people share in the group. I’m a member and it’s a supportive community to add to your blogging repertoire.

I know you want to hear more about Rachel and the juicy strategies she shared to massively grow your Facebook page during her Blog Life University session.  Here’s the scoop…

Rachel’s Secrets to Massively Grow Your Facebook Page

Follow Facebook’s Rules

The rules change and you don’t want to be in “Facebook jail” for violating their terms of service. Be sure to check their terms and policies when in doubt.

  • 700 x 366 px is the preferred image size. Fix images on old posts to correct image size so when the site is crawled, it picks up correct image.
  • Don’t use the same blog post link repeatedly in your Facebook groups. Vary them so it doesn’t appear spammy.

Follow Facebook’s Rules to Get the Most out of your Page
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Make Your Reader the Hero of Their Universe

Readers want to share posts and articles that make them look good. It’s not about you showing how you’re their hero. Change the story so the reader doesn’t mind being tagged.

Rachel gave the example of sharing a post on how to clean floors. Now the women reading the post might not want to like or share a 10 Tips to Have Cleaner Floors post as it suggests they have a dirty house or struggle to keep it clean.

But if you write the post description to cleverly imply that you have “10 Tips Your Husband Needs to Help Clean the Floors”, you’ve made the women the heroines in their universe by making the guys help out (and they will then be more likely to tag other women or share the post to help other wives out). Whatever the case may be, you always want to put a positive spin on the post so readers want to share and don’t mind being tagged.

Make Your Reader the Hero of Their Universe
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Find Where They Are and Where They Are Most Active

You want to find the people will who will engage with your post. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, it might take a little extra effort to find them but it will be well worth it.

Go into “Ad Insights” by clicking the drop-down arrow at the top right corner of your Facebook page. Then click on “Create Ads.”

How to access Facebook Ad insights to learn about your reader and where they are most active.

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When the “Ads Manager” pulls up, click on the “hamburger” (the three horizontal lines next to “Ads Manager”, that brings down another menu). Click on “Audience Insights” and then click on the “Audience” to start with (“everyone on Facebook” if you’re wanting to reach a new audience or expand your reach or “people connected to your page” if you want to see where your current readers are). The point here though is to grow and connect with your ideal readers, so I clicked on “everyone on Facebook” for this post’s purpose.

Click to Enlarge

Now you’ve got a whole ton of information you can sort by and this can help to grow your Facebook page. Head to “Interests” in the left sidebar and enter one of your blog topics. I blog a lot about productivity so I typed that in. When you click on the tabs towards the top you can find their demographics (women vs. men, age, lifestyle, relationship status)

Click to Enlarge

Page Likes (other pages they’ve liked so you can give them similar content)

Click to Enlarge

Activity (how they like to engage with Facebook, likes, comments or shares)

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Purchase (what sort of products they’re interested in)

Click to Enlarge

Now that you know all this about them, you can target your selected audience with $2 ads, which encourages them to engage with your page and then Facebook serves your posts to more people. Facebook ads don’t need to be expensive to be profitable.

Facebook ads don’t need to be expensive to be profitable
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Connect to Other Pages in Your Niche Neighborhood

Your niche neighborhood is Facebook pages like yours. So using my page as the example, the pages we saw in the “Page Likes” screenshot above, tells us that people who like “productivity” also liked the Facebook pages: “Getting Things Done”, “Small Business Saturday”, and “Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls”, for example. Those Facebook pages would be in my niche neighborhood, “The Art of Manliness” would not however since my target audience is moms.

Some ways to connect with these other pages?

  • Share your content on their wall (particularly if you use their product. For example, I’m a big fan of the “Getting Things Done (GTD)” system so I might share the post where I called “GTD, One of the 3 Amazing Resources You Need to Start a Work From Home Business” onto their “Getting Things Done” Facebook page.)
  • Comment as your blog on their posts (do that by clicking the drop-down arrow next to the tiny circular picture near the comments and change it to your blog Facebook page before you write the comment)

Click to Enlarge

  • Share their post on your blog’s Facebook page and then share your post back on their wall saying you loved their post and shared it with your readers

Whichever method you do, strive for authenticity and change it up, if you do the same action repeatedly, Facebook will think you’re a bot, and that’s not good.

Five Post Types

It’s important to know the different types of Facebook posts and how Facebook values them in order to grow your Facebook page.

  • Photo (typically gets more shares)
  • Video (typically gets more likes)
  • Status Updates (typically get more comments if you use conversation starters or lately ask a question and tell readers to respond with a GIF)
  • Links (gets click-throughs to your page) but don’t do this often because Facebook wants to keep them on Facebook, not take them off to your site.
  • Products/Events

Rachel does NOT recommend auto-sharing Instagram photos to Facebook. Just post the picture on Facebook itself.

Use Video on Facebook to Get More Likes
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Tips on Facebook Pages Versus Groups

  • Setting up different Facebook pages for specific niches will help your pages grow faster.
  • If you have several pages for the different niches, they can all feed into the same group/community.
  • Once your page likes get to 10-15,000 likes, then start a group.
  • Facebook pages can run ads, Facebook groups cannot.
  • Affiliate sales might do better in Facebook groups since you can develop more trust and sense of community

Rachel is a fast talker and she crammed a lot of valuable Facebook tidbits into her session. I hope these key takeaways from Rachel’s session gave you some insight on how to find your ideal readers on Facebook and target them with content they can’t help but engage with to help massively grow your Facebook page.

Now It’s Your Turn!

What did you think about these tips to grow your Facebook page? Have you tried any of these tips and strategies? If so, which ones? If not, which will you try first? Let’s discuss in the comments below.

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Public Transit Participation Survey


I ride public transit frequently

I only ride during special events (Eno Festival, State Fair, etc.)

Public transit is not available, but I would ride if I could

Public transit is available, but I don’t use it

Public transit is not available, and I wouldn’t use it if it were